Piano Craft Staff

Greg Murdaugh A Springfield native, Greg grew up in the the piano business. At age 21 he became a district manager for Roland and later worked in management for Kawai, Baldwin, and Viscount.

In 1999 he started Piano Craft, Inc., which has since grown into one of the largest piano, organ, and keyboard dealers in the United States.

Shelley Wilson Shelley, Greg’s wife, started playing the piano at age seven and went to work in 1980 for Baldwin piano factory in Conway, where she built and serviced pianos. After 12 years at Baldwin she left to be an independent tuner for universities, schools, and individuals. Shelley teaches the group music classes at Piano Craft.

Jim Hearn Jim started playing the piano at age four. As a child he studied piano at the conservatory of music at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Jim and his family ran Springfield Piano and Organ for 20 years prior to merging it with Piano Craft. Jim is a licensed Christian minister, and accredited Piano Teacher. Jim has 30 years of experience in the piano industry.

Sheilah Flanagan McDowell

Joe Hunt