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View our current inventory of pianos.

Piano Craft has more than 200 unique new and used instruments to choose from including grand, vertical and digital pianos and organs.

We are an authorized Yamaha dealer that serves Springfield, MO and all of Southwestern Missouri and North Arkansas. We carry new Yamaha digitals, verticals and grands. Other new brands we carry include Casio, Knabe, Kohler & Campbell and Young Chang.

Piano Craft

Pre-owned Pianos

In our pre-owned department, you’ll find a diverse and always changing inventory of used instruments from Yamaha, Baldwin, Young Chang, Kawai, Steinway, and more.

Our pre-owned inventory changes on a daily basis so it is impossible to keep the website up to date. All of the pianos have been thoroughly detailed, cleaned, polished, regulated and tuned and come with a warranty. Spinets start at $699.99 and studios range from $1200 - $4000.00.

Used Grands Used Verticals

Digital Pianos

Yamaha has mastered the art of creating digital pianos with amazing sound and realistic feel. The Clavinova line is the result of the perfect marriage of technology and a hand-crafted instrument.

With three amazing lines to choose from, there’s sure to be a Yamaha Clavinova that fits into your needs and budget.

Yamaha Disklavier Pianos

The Disklavier is more than a simple grand piano. It can reproduce master performances or even piano concerts from some of your favorite artists. Browse Disklavier Radio to find countless musical performances that are reproduced in your home with the same nuance and zest as their original live performance. The Yamaha Disklavier also features impressive audio connectivity and MIDI features, making it the perfect companion for a music studio or musician.

Add a touch of class to any room with live piano music at the touch of a button. Come into Piano Craft’s showroom to experience this amazing instrument in person.

Piano Craft

Viscount Legend Organ

Viscount has created the perfect portable organ solution. The Legend marries the best of keyboard technology with the vintage feel of a classic organ. Tremendously fun to play, the Legend features four sets of draw bars, double keyboards, a USB power port, and the latest in tone wheel modeling technology.

The Legend is compact and packs both a mighty sound and a lot of fun. Whether you’re looking for the perfect instrument for a traveling act or an organ that can keep your church service joyous, look no further than The Legend.