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Providing services to protect your piano.

Piano Craft focuses on providing services to help keep your piano in top condition for playing. We take care of your piano during transport if you are moving to a new home and we provide a tuning service to ensure that the piano is a new as when you first bought it. To learn more about these services we offer, take a look at the information below.

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We offer aural tuning from our master tuner for $135.00. If your instrument requires any additional repair work, our piano technician will quote you a price before the work is performed.

To book a tuning call Shelley at 417-881-3035 or schedule your appointment below.

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The weather is always changing in Missouri. Temperature and humidity changes cause the wood in your piano to expand and contract, leading to that undesirable sour sound. You should get a new piano tuned twice a year for the first two years, then once a year thereafter. Piano Craft makes booking a piano tuner easy. Simply call Shelley to book a tuning and our piano technician will be dispatched to your home with his or her piano tuning tools and expertise.

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Your piano, whether it is a new purchase or a family heirloom, is surprisingly delicate. With upwards of 10,000 moving parts, all comprised of natural materials, you can imagine what kind of havoc even the smallest drop could wreak on your beloved instrument.

We staff only piano moving experts. Your instrument—whether you bought it with us, inherited it from a family member, or even bought it from a private seller—is safe with us.

Piano Craft

Grand Piano Moving

We can move grand pianos up to 9' 6” and even have the capability to transport them up and down staircases provided there is ample room and stair stability. Moving costs start at $320.00 locally.

Upright and Vertical Piano Moving

While vertical pianos are a bit easier to move, they still need to be gently protected and transported to maintain their delicate finish. Vertical moves start at $190.00 and Uprights 52” and taller are $290.00.

Digital Piano Moving

Digital pianos may not need to be tuned, but they do present their own challenges. Their finish must be protected and in the case of digital grands, they should be properly broken down and boarded before transport. We are capable of safely transporting your beloved digital piano. Console moves are $140.00 and digital grands are $250.00.

Event Rentals

We can provide a digital or acoustic vertical or grand piano for your next event. Call for a quote.


Flights of stairs add $100.00. Use of the All-Terrain Dollie for walkout basements adds $100.00 for grands and old uprights, $60.00 for verticals. Mileage adds $5.00 per mile one way for out of town or long distance moving.

Specialty Items

We can move grandfather clocks, safes, extra-large cutting blocks and other unusual or valuable items.

For a piano moving quote, contact us at 417-881-3035 or use the chat in the bottom right of the website.

Piano Tuning FAQ

Q. How often should I get my piano tuned?

A. Tune your new piano every 6 months for the first two years. After that have it tuned once a year. If your piano is simply used as furniture, you can tune it every 2 years. Letting it sit without tuning will make it far more costly to get the piano back into playable condition. ars, then once a year thereafter. Piano Craft makes booking a piano tuner easy. Simply call Shelley to book a tuning and our piano technician will be dispatched to your home with his or her piano tuning tools and expertise.

Q. How long will it take to tune my piano?

A. For a standard piano tuning, it will take our piano tuner about 1 ½ hours to complete.

Q. I don’t play much, should I get it tuned?

A. Even if you don’t play your piano much, you should get it tuned every year. Temperature changes and humidity will cause the wood in your piano to expand and contract and knock the instrument out of tune. If you leave an instrument for years without tuning it, you risk not only hindering its ability to be tuned and stay in tune without extensive work, but the pitch will gradually lower as well.

Q. We are moving to a new house. Will the move knock my piano out of tune?

A. This depends on a few factors such as how much age difference between the old and new house, where the piano will be placed in the home and if there will be a climate change. In general, if you are moving within the same climate and keep your piano away from heat or air conditioning vents, windows, doors, out of basements and inside of the home, your piano should stay in tune provided it is moved by a piano moving professional.

Our piano technician will gladly answer any other questions you may have about your instrument's environment and how it can affect its sound.