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Buyer’s Guide

What to look for in your piano or keyboard.

Video Guides

Tips and tricks on what to look for when buying a new or used piano. We have also included videos on maintenance and common problems found with used pianos.

How Do I Care for and Clean the Pedals on My Piano?

How Do I Care for and Clean the Keys on My Piano?

How Do I Care for the Finish of My Piano?

General FAQ

Q. How much does a piano cost?

A. We have used vertical pianos starting at $599.00. Prices are determined by age, size, condition and manufacturer. New verticals start at $3900.00. Used grands are from $1500.00 and new grands are $8900.00 and up.

Q. How often do I need to tune my piano?

A. When you purchase a new piano, the strings are brand new and are stretching a lot at first, so we recommend tuning two times a year for the first few years. As the strings age and are stretched by the tunings they will stabilize and only require tuning once a year.

Q. Is it true that moving a piano will cause it to go out of tune?

A. The only thing that causes a piano to go out of tune is a change in climate, meaning a difference in temperature and humidity. So no, the move will not affect the tuning.

Q. Do I need to place my piano on an inside wall?

A. If you live in a newer, well built, insulated home, there is no reason to avoid placement along the outside walls of the home.